Three Dutch companies, de Keizer Marine Engineering, Heinen & Hopman and NPS Diesel (ZENORO), all experts in their field of innovative engineering for Mega Yachts asked me to do the branding and the design of a new Sales office on the Côte d’Azur in Antibes.

The former insurance office of 165 m2, divided in 3 rooms is located on a high-profile spot just near the important harbor of Port Vauban, the train station and Airport of Nice. 

The mission is to make a powerful statement on this location for the three companies. The target audience are crews, engineers from mega yachts who need technical support.

As an interior architect it is my task to make sure that the brand identity of the companies are well established in the showroom but also to develop an overall plan how the three companies should communicate. The idea to be most noticeable on this location for just three years is to conquer the market in limited time as a reenforced team. 

The one stop shop for Mega Yacht engineering.



*maximal use of the storefront with very large line drawings on frosted films of a mega yacht and technical drawings that guides you to the entrance to communicate the brand and are visible at daytime in white and coloured at night through interactive rgb strips in window controlled by a timer, a ipad/ iphone

*a name and logo that communicates easily

the brand : MY (Mega Yacht) Tech(nical engineering) Team. Not as an idea to invent a new brand for the companies but a name that you remember easily and works well in spoken language.

*walls with large technical drawings and photographs

*wooden shipping crates redesigned to tables for meetings and logo carriers

*cable ladders

*industrial bold lighting

The smart and green solutions the partners offer where translated in (e)-bikes 

The feeling of the office is Dutch high Tech

A no nonsense, industrial, pop-up character space (shop/showroom function that looks super professsional and that talks engineering for mega yachts.


In just 6 months time the complete design and realisation was done for this project.

last instructions before opening and after opening